The History of Plumbing: The Early Years

outhouseAbout 4,000 years ago, pipes were being fashioned to transport water from the ocean to the bathhouse.

Yep, 4,000 years. The early plumber’s lineage dates back much farther than the names of the western sanitary pioneers. Long before England was ever thinking about toilets, or running water, the Romans were creating their own sewage systems. Their systems were so vast and complex that today, we still wonder at their knowledge and abilities. Today, we’re going to explore the types of plumbing these early settlers of the plumbing frontier braved. These brave men and women set the standard for excellent plumbing. That same standard is still being used today at your local plumber’s office, and even your own home.

The First Toilet

In the early years, (And we mean the really early years) the first flushing “water closet” was located in a designated area for it within the structure of the Minoan Palace of Knossos on the isle of Crete. This was about 1700 BC. At that time, this palace featured four separate drainage systems that emptied into the sewers constructed of stone created strategically around the palace. This was the first known prototype for the modern toilet that we’ve uncovered. It took several thousand years for others to discover it under the flood damage and rubble caused by the decay, but nonetheless, it existed long before our western ideas of sanitation made their entrance into our then, somewhat less sanitary lives.

The First Running Water Bath

One of the first (if not the first) running water baths were constructed by the Romans in about 50 AD. Although the early pipe construction was generally weaved with wood and earthenware, the later developments to the pipe system included lead. The Latin term “plumbus” means “lead”, which was the main ingredient to the construction of the pipes of antiquity.

Running hot and cold water were not uncommon in early Greece. Although the men of the time thought it unmanly to wash in warm water, the capabilities were ours long before we thought they were.

Bathing Extravagance in Rome

The Romans had a much different view than the stalwart Greek Spartans. They liberally used their hot water, both day and night as a means of comfort, relaxation, as well as bathing. But they didn’t just bath like most of us do. No, bathing was almost a ceremony. Now granted, those with access to these baths were wealthy, but the point still remains that bathers of centuries past took it rather seriously.

The baths of the Diocletian, which seated over 3,000 people, featured stupidly expensive (and awesome) aqueducts that replenished the supply of water in the thermae, or bath, constructed with imperial importance and magnificence. The construction was nothing short of royal, and the plumbing system, for the time was simply magnificent. The early years of the plumbing industry were fantastic to say the least.

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What a Good Plumber Doesn’t Do

leaky_pipeWe covered what a good plumber does do in a previous blog post. A good plumber is courteous, polite, well-adjusted to his job, and willing to offer advice and education when asked at a moment’s notice. A good plumber knows what he’s doing and has experience in the industry that puts his customers at ease. A good plumber is a lot of things, but what exactly makes a bad plumber? Here are some tell-tale warning signs of when you’ve got a bad plumber on your hands.

He Is Unwilling To Talk About What He’s Doing

When a servicemen enters your home, and you can’t seem to get out of him what exactly he’s going to be doing, that’s a problem. Plumbers should be able to be conversational. That’s a part of experience that is crucial. Having someone over to repair your home should be smooth and hassle free, there should be no questions unanswered, and you should feel completely at ease. If that is not the case, you might want to rethink your choice of a plumber.

He Makes Promises That Are Too Good To Be True

When someone just begins spouting off all the ways that they are the best at what they do, you’ve probably got someone in your home with a little too much confidence. By that we mean, he’s beginning to tell fairy-tales about his service. This may be well intentioned, but in actuality, it’s just another form of lying. The last thing you want in a plumber is dishonesty. This sort of thing happens all the time in the industry, and it’s something that Precision Plumbing fights against daily. Just because it happens a lot though, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, and we’d advise that you steer clear of these types of plumbers if you want an honest plumbing experience.

He Can’t Give You A Reasonable Answer to Why He’ll Have To Come Back

Most Plumbing Jobs will be able to be finished on the same day of the start of the project. Most, that doesn’t include all, but most. Here’s when you can spot a red-flag: when you’re left with no reasonable reason why the man left the premises. That’s when you can safely determine that your plumber might have some problems. If he didn’t give you any answer at all, or left with a couple words, and not much by way of explanation, you can safely assume that there was some sort of problem that he doesn’t want to discuss. Bad sign.

Keep this tips in mind when you’re looking for a plumber, and you can’t go wrong!

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What “The Right Plumber for You” Actually Looks Like

precision_toiletFinding the right plumber isn’t just about pricing, availability, or expertise. It’s also about work ethic. A good plumber will not only come to your home with respect, but he’ll leave it with an added sense of dignity. What we mean is, your plumber should really get to the “Bottom” of things before he leaves. That applies to all maintenance services you hire for your home or office. (But we’re a plumbing company, so we’ll just stick with talking about plumbing for now.)

Your plumber should have a few things in order to be considered trustworthy, and today we’re going to enumerate how you can know a good one when you see him.

Speed Isn’t as Important As it May Seem

If you’re in the business for a plumbing job you can’t do yourself, chances are, there’s a certain amount of haste that needs to go into this operation. Well hold your horses there, because a lot of plumbers can promise being speedy, but hardly anyone can be quick and thorough. In almost every industry in America (except for law, obviously) you just can’t ask them to do their job well and be the roadrunner while they do it. It just doesn’t usually turn out well. Here’s our advice, when you’re considering a plumber, go with one that emphasizes his performance and accuracy more than the pace at which he will perform. You’ve got to weigh the costs of accuracy against speed. Trust us, the cost of letting some greenhorn have full access to your pipes just isn’t low enough to be viable.

Experience in the Industry

There are a lot of new companies sprouting up in all areas of the U.S. Many of these companies have hired experienced and weather-hardened veterans of the plumbing industry to make the house calls, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What becomes a problem is a new company with completely new employees, management, and direction. Innovation is great, but be wary of plumbers with “The newest of the new and the best of the best” without any clear veteran support from an experienced patron in the industry. Sometimes, the surest way is going to be the most effective, and also the friendliest to your pocketbook.

Quality Track Record

A plumber doesn’t deserve your business unless he can show you his previous work and display it with pride. The best of them are willing to be completely honest with their pricing, work ethic, and reasons for being in the industry. When it comes to your home, your assets and investments are extremely important, and it’s just not a good idea to put your home into the hands of someone with little to no previous good work history.

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Sewer Repair in Dallas, Texas and what you should know!

What is a sewer line?

A sewer line can be composed of many materials pvc, cast iron, orangeburg, copper and be in many places like  Residential or Commercial, and serve many purposes. Ex: Toilet sewage, sink drainage, or even just rain. The purpose of a sewer line weather above ground or below in the dirt is to return all of the excess drainage from your house back to the city. In this case Dallas, The water goes back to the Dallas Treatment center.

How do I know if my sewer is in need of repair?

Sewer lines are bound to have issues with all of the water and debris we put in them, so a clog every few years is only maintenance and nothing to fear. A repair like that should be quick with your local Dallas Plumber using a sewer drain machine on the clog. However if your issues are once a year or less a repair or replacement is needed. The first step for a repair is having the plumber perform what is called a sewer video camera inspection. This inspection is where we “the plumber” would place a small camera into your drain pipe and show you a full report of what is going on inside. In Dallas the typical problem a plumber can find is Back fall- this is where the sewer line is pointing in the wrong direction typically caused by house settling, improper installation by the previous plumbers, or sink holes under the pipe. Sewer Breaks- A sewer break in you pipe is from either rot, corrosion, or a shift in earth or foundation, all very typical disasters in the Dallas, Texas enviroment. Sewer Collapse- This is the most destructive and usually leaves the sewer line completely useless unless you plumber either makes a repair on the plumbing or an entire sewer replacement is performed by the plumbing company like ours Precision Plumbing Dallas.

Sewer Keyword Terms-

Sewer- The pipe that drains your water and sewage from the home.

Drain- An outlet that taps into a sewer pipe line.

Sewer Cleanout- An opening usually on a wall or the ground giving a plumber access to the sewer pipe line for running a sewer drain machine or Sewer Camera video inspection

Sewer Camera Video Inspection- A Task performed by Precision Plumbing Dallas where a small camera is inserted into the sewer line to diagnose a problem and locate the section of pipe in need of repair.

Commercial- Any industrial building or warehouse where a business is performed in Dallas, Texas

Residential- Your home or any other home where people live in Dallas, Texas

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Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Dallas, Texas

How do you know when its time to replace a Water Heater?

Although a water heater does not fail often, it does tend to happen. When it does this is how you know if it is a repair needed or a complete replacement. If you have a gas water heater and the water is no longer getting hot most likely 90% chance you only need a small parts replacement. If it is an Electric Water Heater that is not getting hot most likely you need a few small parts replaced. However, if the water heater is leaking water there is a good chance that it will have to be replaced with a newer more efficient Water Heater and brought up to Dallas code for safety.

Why is a functioning Water Heater important to me?

A water heater plays an important role in our daily lives. Although out of sight and usually neglected its functionality is what provides us with warm showers, soothing baths, and sanitary washing.

What should I know about my Water Heater?

A water heater usually does not need much upkeep to stay functional and efficient but all manufacturers do recommend having your local plumber come once a year to flush the system. The purpose of a water heater flush, especially in Dallas, Texas is to remove all minerals and build-up that gather on top of the burner which reduces heat efficiency,   water pressure, and corrodes the water heater system. Precision Plumbing Dallas can do this for you in less than one hour.

How do I know if my Water Heater is up to code?

In Dallas, Texas a Water Heater MUST be placed on a drip pan. The reason being that if you do have a Water Heater leak or burst that little to no damage will occur saving thousands in damages. Also all gas valves and supply lines should be checked and replaced if needed.

What brands of Water Heaters Do Precision Plumbing Dallas Prefer?

Precision Plumbing Dallas can and will repair ANY brand needed, and keep most parts in stock on their trucks at all times. However, When it comes to us providing a Water Heater we Prefer to Install Bradford White Water Heaters or Rheem. We can also provide if you insist Whirlpool, GE, State, Rinnai, Takagi.

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We are prepared to service your plumbing needs throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area

Home Owners – Precision Plumbing has plumber vans stocked like a warehouse on wheels, prepared for servicing any plumbing problem. The plumber also carries sewer drain machines to unclog your drain line. There’s not a plumbing problem that we can’t handle!
Renters – Precision Plumbing has worked with many renters in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area on “make ready” Remodels, Service, Repair. Our plumber knows what you’re looking for, and can make an affordable, quality repair or replacement.
Contractors – Precision Plumbing works daily with contractors and home builders. Our plumber will provide affordable parts, on-time quality work, and a plumber helper if needed.
Interior Decorators – Precision Plumbing Dallas has several customers who are interior decorators. Our plumber will work with you whether you are an Elite business or just part time. Our company carries a wide range of brands and plumbing products to serve your needs!
Office Suites – Office suites have a lot of employees, which means a lot of service. Our plumber will keep your bath and kitchen in order! Precision Plumbing also specializes in “make ready” remodels if you need a plumber for a Certificate of Occupancy in the Fort Worth Metroplex area Precision Dallas Plumbing is at your service!
Commercial Business – Restaurants, wig shops, gas stations, you name it! Precision Dallas plumbing can have a plumber set you up and take care of any needs, from service, repair, and remodel.
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Rated Number One Plumber in Dallas

We Are Well Known For Our Best Rate, Best Warranty Guarantee – Precision Plumbing Dallas will match and or beat the price and warranty of any (Licensed) Plumbing company in Dallas using the same premium plumbing parts and finished product!

plumber in Dallas

Precision Plumbing Dallas is proud to offer the best rate possible with a VERY competitive Flat Rate which means you know exactly how much the job is before we even start, No more surprises from unforeseen costs! Besides that you can feel comfortable knowing we do not have a 300% markup on plumbing products like the competition, either. So how does Precision Plumbing Dallas make their money? We do it by having return customers who refer us to their friends, family, and Co-workers by letting them know who is a quality plumber.

All work comes with a warranty EXCEPT drain cleaning, sewer drain cleaning. Because, the only permanent fix to a clogged drain pipe is replacing or repairing the pipe. Using a sewer machine is only a temporary fix that could last from 10 years to 1 day depending on the condition of the sewer drain.

Quality- Precision Plumbing will Guarantee the plumber will provide premium plumbing Products. The plumber will give you options from good, great, and best, depending on your budget and taste. The plumber will wear shoe covers, and use drop cloths to protect your Dallas home. The plumber will clean up when the plumbing job is completed, leaving your house as clean or better than when the plumber first arrived.

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