Water Heater Installation and Replacement in Dallas, Texas

How do you know when its time to replace a Water Heater?

Although a water heater does not fail often, it does tend to happen. When it does this is how you know if it is a repair needed or a complete replacement. If you have a gas water heater and the water is no longer getting hot most likely 90% chance you only need a small parts replacement. If it is an Electric Water Heater that is not getting hot most likely you need a few small parts replaced. However, if the water heater is leaking water there is a good chance that it will have to be replaced with a newer more efficient Water Heater and brought up to Dallas code for safety.

Why is a functioning Water Heater important to me?

A water heater plays an important role in our daily lives. Although out of sight and usually neglected its functionality is what provides us with warm showers, soothing baths, and sanitary washing.

What should I know about my Water Heater?

A water heater usually does not need much upkeep to stay functional and efficient but all manufacturers do recommend having your local plumber come once a year to flush the system. The purpose of a water heater flush, especially in Dallas, Texas is to remove all minerals and build-up that gather on top of the burner which reduces heat efficiency,   water pressure, and corrodes the water heater system. Precision Plumbing Dallas can do this for you in less than one hour.

How do I know if my Water Heater is up to code?

In Dallas, Texas a Water Heater MUST be placed on a drip pan. The reason being that if you do have a Water Heater leak or burst that little to no damage will occur saving thousands in damages. Also all gas valves and supply lines should be checked and replaced if needed.

What brands of Water Heaters Do Precision Plumbing Dallas Prefer?

Precision Plumbing Dallas can and will repair ANY brand needed, and keep most parts in stock on their trucks at all times. However, When it comes to us providing a Water Heater we Prefer to Install Bradford White Water Heaters or Rheem. We can also provide if you insist Whirlpool, GE, State, Rinnai, Takagi.

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