Sewer Repair in Dallas, Texas and what you should know!

What is a sewer line?

A sewer line can be composed of many materials pvc, cast iron, orangeburg, copper and be in many places like  Residential or Commercial, and serve many purposes. Ex: Toilet sewage, sink drainage, or even just rain. The purpose of a sewer line weather above ground or below in the dirt is to return all of the excess drainage from your house back to the city. In this case Dallas, The water goes back to the Dallas Treatment center.

How do I know if my sewer is in need of repair?

Sewer lines are bound to have issues with all of the water and debris we put in them, so a clog every few years is only maintenance and nothing to fear. A repair like that should be quick with your local Dallas Plumber using a sewer drain machine on the clog. However if your issues are once a year or less a repair or replacement is needed. The first step for a repair is having the plumber perform what is called a sewer video camera inspection. This inspection is where we “the plumber” would place a small camera into your drain pipe and show you a full report of what is going on inside. In Dallas the typical problem a plumber can find is Back fall- this is where the sewer line is pointing in the wrong direction typically caused by house settling, improper installation by the previous plumbers, or sink holes under the pipe. Sewer Breaks- A sewer break in you pipe is from either rot, corrosion, or a shift in earth or foundation, all very typical disasters in the Dallas, Texas enviroment. Sewer Collapse- This is the most destructive and usually leaves the sewer line completely useless unless you plumber either makes a repair on the plumbing or an entire sewer replacement is performed by the plumbing company like ours Precision Plumbing Dallas.

Sewer Keyword Terms-

Sewer- The pipe that drains your water and sewage from the home.

Drain- An outlet that taps into a sewer pipe line.

Sewer Cleanout- An opening usually on a wall or the ground giving a plumber access to the sewer pipe line for running a sewer drain machine or Sewer Camera video inspection

Sewer Camera Video Inspection- A Task performed by Precision Plumbing Dallas where a small camera is inserted into the sewer line to diagnose a problem and locate the section of pipe in need of repair.

Commercial- Any industrial building or warehouse where a business is performed in Dallas, Texas

Residential- Your home or any other home where people live in Dallas, Texas

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